The single most item that separates Royal Design Build Co. from other custom builders is the way we prepare the entire budget and detailed spec sheet for each individual home... and show you every number. We include everything and don’t try to play the “low price games” by not including necessities that we know you need.  Other builders out there may just be showing the price of the home excluding site work, utilities, driveways and other important features.  They could also be showing you unrealistic allowances that won’t meet your expectation.  We want you to feel comfortable knowing we will work tirelessly to consider all necessary budget items.

We always give a rough estimate based on preliminary plans and work with you to create ways to make sure you can afford what you really want. In the event we need to downsize or take out a few features to meet the budget, it’s not a big deal since our team is dedicated to your particular home.  

As we finalize plans and selections, we will also be finalizing the construction budget.  Your bank may want to see a list of specs or features for your home, and we will prepare and provide that too.  We will make sure you know and understand exactly what you are getting and what you should expect when you move into your beautiful custom home. 

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- Q&A -

What is your price per square foot?  Answering this questions is about as easy as asking someone how much a "new car" costs.  What brand? Which model?  What features?  After  you narrow things down it gets a little easier to come up with a good ballpark figure.  Building a home is no different.  We have built from $100 per sf to over $200 per sf.  There are many variables that can add or subtract to an overall estimated price, so we encourage you to set up a free consultation to discuss your personal situation.

We have quite a few of our fixtures or are planning to purchase online.  Is that a problem?  The short answer is no, although keep in mind that our ultimate goal is your happiness and we cannot control the internet or shipping companies.  We work hard to build relationships with local trades and suppliers and often their discounted builders price (we show you) is cheaper than the internet.  We do have some internet ordering policies in place, but it is not uncommon for us to work with external items brought in by our homeowners.