An outdoor living space is a great extension of your lifestyle that will allow you and your guests to enjoy much more than just your new home.  The ideal concept is to create a seamless transition between the spaces, which starts with proper planning and design.  We will work with you to create a space that will compliment your lot, your home, your budget and enrich your lifestyle while integrating purpose and functionality.

One of the luxuries of living in the Montgomery County areas is having larger scale yards combined with a climate that allows you to enjoy them throughout most of the year. Yet no matter the size of your yard, a well-designed outdoor living space can transform an ordinary property into a spectacular destination, creating a stunning first impression while providing years of entertainment.

A few of the outdoor features we can provide may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Pool, Hot tub, Waterfalls, etc.
  • Outdoor kitchen and grill areas
  • Outdoor living space(s)
  • Outdoor fireplace (gas or wood burning)
  • Open fire pit (gas or wood burning)
  • Custom Landscaping
  • Custom Outdoor Lighting
  • Retaining walls
  • Fountains
  • Outdoor Music/TV integrated with your home


Unlike many builders, we actually encourage you to consider constructing  your pool during the construction of your home.  By doing so it creates a cohesive project, combines resources and allows you to move in and enjoy your home without the task of starting another construction project.  We work with some of the best pool builders in the area and bring them into our office to make meetings efficient and convenient for you.  If you have already chosen a pool builder or bringing your own design, that is not a  problem at all.  We simply ask to have a meeting and be able to discuss important items such as timing, schedules and ways we can work around each other efficiently.  

If you are not going to build a pool now but may consider one in the future, talk to us about it.  A good home design is still needed to get the most out of your (eventual) pool.  Thinking about how the pool will look from each room and ways you can easily transform your outdoor living space for when that day comes.  We can also stub for pool utilities and other items to minimize the disruption to your home when you choose to build a pool later.