When building a new home, we encourage you to take full advantage of customizing specific features such as cabinet colors, countertops, lighting, paint colors or finishes, appliances, plumbing fixtures and even details as small as light switch plate colors.

Wait... doesn't every "custom builder" say the same thing???

At Royal Design Build Co., we do more than just help you pick out your colors.  We discuss the foundation types and which one would be best for your property based on soils testing and design.  We encourage you to learn about the mechanical's of your new home.  For example, an air conditioning system has many variables and we will help you to select the best option based on your design and desired budget.  One of our goals is to help educate our homeowner's on the available options for their home and help choose products and details that reflect their personal style and budget... without any upcharge or increased builder's fee. 

This is our unique process that separates us from our competitors and has won us awards and recognition.  We encourage every homeowner to come see the process first hand.


We understand that the many selections required in building a new home seems quite daunting, so we include a personalized Selections Manager to assist you with all aspects of the selection process.  Lauren Harding will be there to guide you, keep everything organized, accompany you to local showrooms and coordinate all of your selections.  She will also let you know what decisions need to be made, when they should be made and schedule any necessary meetings with our trades and suppliers to ensure we can build exactly what you have in mind.  These selections, even though seemingly limitless relative to options available, can be made by you at a relaxed and enjoyable pace.


- Q&A -

Do you just give allowances like other custom builders?  No, we actually prefer not to give allowances.  The reason for this is because it is important to detail the budget to know what you are actually putting in the home, not just a figure based on someone telling us they want “nice countertops” or “high end appliances”.  Each person’s interpretation of nice or high-end can be different and we find that having allowances may only lead to frustrations during construction when allowances for items don’t meet expectations.

Can I select as I go or does everything have to be picked out up front?  In order to be efficient for ordering materials and selections, as well as calculating the budget, we require everything to be picked out prior to construction.  We certainly allow changes during construction and know there are a few things that may need to be altered since you haven’t seen your home before.  By not picking something out, we would basically be creating an allowance, and as stated above we feel this could potentially lead to unmatched expectations.