Royal Design Build Co. is proud to offer the ability to design your home from the ground up.  We have literally started a design from a sketch on a napkin before brought in by a homeowner.  Of course, most want to bring multiple floor plan ideas or give us some basic information of what they are looking for.  We have a large screen in our conference room that allows us to pull up your favorites from Houzz, Pinterest, Facebook or any other place you may have seen something you love. During the process, there will be multiple revisions and our team will stay in tune with the budget to keep you on track.  You will also get to work with a personalized selections assistance who will accommodate your specific style and budget.

 Unlike other builders, we don’t like to just give “allowances” and make you do all of the work. Instead, we will guide you and make sure the plans stay updated.  We utilize the latest in 3D technology and can even show you models of your home as it is designed.

How does it benefit me to design with you and not an outside source?  We have seen this too many times where homeowners often contract with a designer who has never built a home.  They may be saving a few dollars, but the lack of detail on the plans will cost them much more later.  Many plan designers/architects also don’t stay “up with the times” and may not be aware of the changing materials, methods of construction or costs associated with certain custom designs.  At Royal Design Build Co., our plans are reviewed by a builder before being finalized and actual construction budgets are reviewed by the team throughout the process. 

We certainly work with many outside designers and architects, but all we ask is that we have a chance to review the plans and make any notes or adjustments as we ultimately are in charge of the construction process and happiness of our homeowners.

3-D Renderings

For many, the hardest thing about designing a custom home is the inability to see it in person or walk through it since it has never been built before.  Depending on the complexity of the design, or even your experience seeing blueprints before, the two dimensional plans that most people provide is simply not enough for some homeowners. 

We already create a model of your home in our 3D software, but for those looking for the finishing touch we can offer home renderings in a more realistic photo-like setting. Services include:
      • Exterior Renderings
             For a better idea of what your home might look like with certain colors, textures and finishes.
      • Interior Renderings
             For a more realistic view of the finish out, space layout and possible furniture locations.
      •  Homesite Aerial